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Naturopathic Doctor Sergey Weller

Naturopath (herbal medicine, nutrition, cardiovascular diseases).

Consultation only $75

Naturopathic Doctor Sergey Weller (Brooklyn, New York)


Effective support of various diseases by natural methods:

high blood pressure (hypertension), heart disease, high cholesterol, dizziness, memory loss, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, depression, insomnia, stress, neuroses, neuralgia, osteochondrosis, hair loss, premature aging, gastritis, erectile dysfunction and others.

3D computer diagnostics of the body: a full examination in 5 minutes. Details look here: RUS / ENG.

Natural methods:

Phytotherapy (herbal medicine) - effective aid in the therapeutic diseases. Heart drops, tincture for relieving the symptoms of high pressure, means to increase potency, hair growth, to improve brain activity.

Diet: individual selection of the most effective diet. How to remove belly fat? How to lose weight? Proper nutrition.

Massage: Swedish massage, vacuum massage, Shiatsu

Body cleansing and detoxification programs (liver, kidney and intestines), antiaging and recovery.

Consultation for only $75! 10% discount for senior citizens!


During the consultation please tell the doctor that his

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